• MurderedMegara

Hello Darling Husband,

The word on the Styx is that ever since you became a God you've been the apple of the public eye and bathing in drachmas. Must I remind you that murder does not void your marital obligations to me? The need for currency is not lost in the Underworld. After all the movies, the books, the plays, and the TV shows I ought to be able to buy the best seat in hell but, alas, you continue to neglect your wife and your children. What is new? Poor Therimachus, Deicoon, and Creontiades slayed by their own father in life and abandoned by him in death.

How you've conjured up such admiration and maintained the spotlight is truly beyond me. You've somehow convinced the world you are some noble hero when in reality the only thing stronger than you is your temper. I know that you always blame Hera for what happened to us because she sent you into a fit of madness but I know there is more to the story than that.

There I was in Thebes, mourning the death of my father, Creon. Lycus had murdered him and taken control of the city. You were out gallivanting on some noble quest or whatever and I was being forced into marriage to the new "King" Lycus. I waited and waited for your return. I knew you would have no trouble defeating Lycus and defending the throne of Thebes in the name of my father. I looked after our children and assured them that you would come and help our family. Then you showed up just like I knew you would. You killed Lycus and at last it seemed that we would finally be a happy family again. I watched you from afar as you prayed to the gods and became seized in delusion. You got up from a kneel and rage filled your eyes. You saw our children and you charged them. They cried out to you, " Father, please do not hurt us! What is the matter?" You ignored them and scooped them up onto your shoulders and threw them straight into the fire.

I was heartbroken. I did not understand how you could harm your own sons. I cried out to you, "What has come over you? Do you not recognize your own children?"

"The sons of Lycus are no sons of mine!" you replied. "Now, I will deal with you."

I knew I was helpless to stop you. I screamed and begged you to stop what you were doing. You were so convinced I was Hera that you did not listen when I told you I was your wife. You threw me in the fire just the same as our children.

You say your sons looked like those of Lycus and that I looked like Hera herself. Did you not hear our cries? Were you so mad that you could not understand the words we spoke? Are you so merciless that cries for help do not sway you?

Oh how I wish your cousin Theseus had not talked you out of your suicidal grief after you came to and realized what you had done. At least then you would have suffered the same forgotten fate as the rest of your family. We both know that you felt guilty because deep down you've always known that you, not Hera, annihilated your own happiness and murdered your innocent family. You killed us because you had no heart for mercy or forgiveness that could have saved us in your madness.

Now, I can only hope that you will one day come to your senses and take care of the family you brought to ruin. You're a god, are you not? It's time you act like one and save us from the mouth of Cerberus. You demolished our lives and the least you could do is spruce up our afterlives.

Sincerely Yours,


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